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In this part of the portal we invite you to submit a new solution profile, and/or add to an existing solution on the portal already with examples from real world settings or additional resources. You can also add yourself as a contact to a solution profile to connect to others who are interested in taking specific solutions toward action for impact.

*We have tried to strike a balance between collecting detailed information that will be useful to a wide range of users while also not taking up too much of your time. As we launch the portal, we certainly welcome and invite your input on these forms and the submission process in general. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions.

Add a new solution to the portal

The IFSS portal aims to surface and disseminate innovative solutions that tackle reducing malnutrition and restore or protect the environment in an equitable way. Please use the form below to include your solution in the portal...

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Contribute to an existing solution

Add an example and/or supplementary information

Help root the solution in reality and open up possible investment opportunities by adding an example to a solution profile on the portal, such as a project or policy report or a business website.

Add example

Contribute resources for others to consider as they learn about solutions on the portal that may be a good fit for their setting. Add additional resources such as a project proposal, scientific research paper, business case or policy brief.

Add additional resource

Add an example or supplementary information

Add yourself as a contact

Are you interested in learning more about specific solutions on the portal or sharing what you know? Are you looking to connect to funders? Open up collaboration opportunities by adding your contact details (email or LinkedIn) to a solution profile on the portal and strengthen the community of food system actors working together to take soltuions towards action for impact.

Add yourself as a contact

Build a pathway-to-impact for a solution

You can also contribute to an existing solution by building a Backcasting pathway-to-uptake map for a solution for your setting -- this will contribute to a set of actionable “maps towards impact” for considering next steps to take and barriers to overcome in moving a solution forward towards having greater positive impact.

Frequently asked questions
What happens when I submit a solution? Is it published immediately?

All solution submissions (as well as Examples and Additional Resources) will be reviewed internally by the portal research team on a monthly basis to ensure overall appropriate content and timely publication. Materials will then be published on the portal, pending any follow-up questions or requests for additional information or clarification from you.

Can I modify my submission later on?

At this time, it is not possible to directly edit your solution profile after you’ve submitted it to the review committee. However, if you wish to change content or add details, please contact us directly through the contact form below. You can always add Examples and Additional Resources by using those short-forms. The more the better

Who reviews my submission?

All solution submissions (as well as Examples and Additional Resources) are  reviewed internally by the portal research team on a monthly basis to ensure overall appropriate content and timely publication.  The Submission Review Committee (SRC) is composed of relevant staff from the core portal collaborators as well as content experts when necessary. 

In the spirit of sharing information and collaboration towards making major positive impacts in food system sustainability around the world, we encourage product makers and businesses to include relevant information about their solutions HOWEVER please see the portal Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions documentation for more details re: intellectual property rights and neutrality on endorsement by the portal collaborator team.

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