Run your own Delphi process to source and/or assess innovative solutions for your context

A Delphi process can be used when your goal is to gather the input and decisions from a structured group of people. Participants are guided through answering multiple rounds of questions, and after each round, a facilitator helps to provide an anonymised summary version of all responses to all participants.

Participants are encouraged to think about (and possibly revise) their earlier answers in light of the replies of other members of their panel. It is believed that during this process the range of the answers will decrease and the group will converge towards a consensus around the primary question(s) or issue(s) of interest. 


About the Delphi guide

This tool kit (PDF) provides details on when to conduct a Delphi study, how to identify panelists and participants, how to develop the questionnaires for multiple rounds of consensus building, how to process participant responses and maintain anonymity, and how to create a webinar and share the results.

The guide also includes supplementary information clearly describing each of these steps and clear examples to learn from.

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