Terms and Conditions applicable to users submitting to the IFSS portal


Dear User (“You”), Welcome to the IFSS Portal. 

You are about to submit an innovative food system solution to the IFSS portal or an example, additional resource associated to a solution (“Submission”). The term Submission includes any documents attached to it and any pictures or videos provided with the Submission. 

Please read the below terms and conditions (T&C) which will govern the use of the IFSS Portal with regard to your Submission. These T&C shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency with the terms of use available on the IFSS portal which are meant to apply to all visitors accessing the site (but not submitting any solution). GAIN can’t control how people use the site and shall have no liability to You or any other person or entity with regard to the use of the content of the Submission by any third-party, either in or outside of the context of the IFSS Portal.

The objective of the IFSS Portal is to provide a window of opportunity for new innovations. Any Submission is therefore intended to be published online and be accessible worldwide. For this project to run smoothly, it is important for the Submission to be an “original idea” and to be free of any infringement of third-parties’ intellectual property rights.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that GAIN :

  1. Will review the Submission before publishing them on the IFSS Portal; and
  2. Might contact you to request additional information on the content of the Submission; and
  3. has the right to refuse to publicize a Submission on a IFSS at its sole discretion.


You hereby represent and warrant that:

  1. the Submission doesn’t infringe upon any third parties’ intellectual property rights; and
  2. there is no unlicensed third-party content in the Submission and any third-party content has been authorized for use; and
  3. all sources and references used in the Submission have been properly quoted and identified; and
  4. personal data contained in the Submission (if any) has been processed lawfully and in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation; and
  5. the Submission doesn’t contain any marketing information and is not intended to advertise or offer to sell any good or services to consumers.


You provide a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to GAIN to use the Submission and share it publicly on the IFSS website for the purposes of sharing your innovation widely, connecting You with the global community working in foods systems, including potential investors, and any other purposes expressly set out on the IFSS portal (“Purposes”). 


You agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend GAIN from and against any and all claims, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or related to any breach by You of intellectual property rights of third Parties, provided You are notified in writing of any claim.


You will not necessarily have to create an account to submit a solution. However you have the possibility to do so if You need to save the Submission and continue working on it later. 

If an account is created, You shall keep the details of your account confidential and shall not use another user’s account.

GAIN reserves the right to suspend or terminate any user access to the IFSS Portal if it is of the opinion that there is a misuse of the portal or any breach whatsoever of the T&C.


By accepting these T&C you hereby authorize GAIN to collect and use your personal data submitted in the context of posting the innovation to the IFSS Portal. The information provided by You will only be used and shared by GAIN for the agreed Purposes and to maintain your account. You also agree that GAIN may obtain, use and monitor information provided by You when using or accessing the IFSS Portal. In no event will GAIN sell the personal data to any third party.

You have the right to:

  1. request to see a copy of the information GAIN holds about You and to know how it is processed; and 
  2. to ask for any of your personal data to be withdrawn from GAIN’s files and/or the IFSS Portal, in which case, GAIN will delete such personal data from its files and/or will remove You from already published materials wherever reasonably possible. You acknowledge that it might not be feasible to remove your data in materials already in circulation; and
  3. to inform GAIN if the processing of your data is having or may have a negative impact on you (using the email address provided below). 

To exercise any of those rights, please contact ifssportal@gainhealth.org


One of GAIN’s intents through the IFSS Portal is to put in contact innovators and investors. However, You understand that GAIN is not by itself guaranteeing funding. 

The findings, interpretations and conclusions enclosed in the Submission are those of the originators of the work and do not necessarily represent the views of GAIN. As such, You shall not represent to any third-party or to the general public or use for any purpose the expressions “selected”, “approved”, “warranted” or “preferred” by GAIN, or any similar product endorsement

Any dispute arising out or related to the use of the IFSS Portal shall, if not settled amicably, be resolved exclusively by the courts of Geneva, Switzerland. 

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