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Tackling malnutrition and equitably nourishing the growing global population while also safeguarding and/or restoring planetary health is a huge challenge. HOWEVER, every day innovative solutions are being imagined and applied to transform food systems!

To contribute to the growing solutions database included in the portal, please fill out this questionnaire with as many details as possible. Keep in mind that “solutions” in the portal are shared here as general concepts. We complement these with concrete examples of solutions adapted for real-world settings. I.e. the general solution concept of “hydroponics” can look very different in different contexts, so the solution profile provides an overview while examples of hydroponics being used around the world are “attached” to the end of the profile to inspire thinking around how this is being adapted in different contexts.

Before you start

Please search the database by keyword and/or supply chain segment before submitting a solution to ensure the solution you are about to add doesn’t exist yet on the portal. If you find your solution is already in the portal, please go back to the “Contribute to an existing solution” section and add examples and/ or additional resources. If your solution is truly new to the portal, please continue below!

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