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An important function of the portal is to connect inventors and investors… so here we highlight and share a directory of investors, donors and funders that are actively looking to connect with individuals and groups that are working on innovative solutions.

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Zebu Investment Partners

Impact Investor

Private equity fund manager established to invest in food production and processing throughout the African continent

WFP Innovation Accelerator

Multi-lateral organisation

Innovation accelerator program targeting local food security, sustaining and creating livelihoods, affordable nutritious diets and awareness, approrpiate energy solutions along the food value chain

Wellcome Trust


Support thousands of scientists and researchers in more than 70 countries, as well as innovators, educators and artists.

Water and Energy for Food


Joint international initiative with the aim to increase food production along the value chain through a more sustainable and efficient usage of water and/or energy.


Impact Investor

The most active, multi-stage, sector-agnostic investment vehicle, focused on partnering with high growth technology or technology-enabled startups across the MENA, Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa




Impact Investor

Investing in East African agribusiness

Vis Vires Capital

Impact Investor

Impact investor focused on innovations that address systemic issues with a large impact for the food and feed industry.

Village Capital

Impact Investor