Blockchain food system traceability

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Lack of transparency in the food supply chain is an issue when trying to identify and trace causes for foodborne diseases and adulterations. A solution is needed for all value chain actors to share reliable data. Blockchain holds the potential to alter modern food systems for the better by enabling storage and distribution of transactional information in a decentralized, tamperproof database. The technology behind blockchain is an automated and decentralized digital record keeping system. Upon each transaction, a timestamped and non-alterable record, or “block”, is created and distributed throughout an open network, which provides transparent insights into all previous data points associated with the transaction. Blockchain technology on a mobile phone platform has the potential to connect small farmers to international value chains and markets. Blockchain applications can provide insights to food supply and demand and can help identify inefficiencies and non-value adding activities, food loss and facilitate fairer pricing mechanisms.

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Wholesale, markets and retail

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Moving to scale


Food safety Water use Reducing biodiversity loss Reducing pollution

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SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 4: Quality Education


Urban Peri-urban Rural Marine/Coastal

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