Nugdes in supermarkets for sustainable dietary choices

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Nudges are gaining traction as an effective way to guide immediate consumer behavioral decisions. Also called, “health nudges” many countries are trying to promote healthier food choices in different settings to reduce obesity and health-care costs associated with communicable diseases. This solution aims to influence consumer behavior in supermarket settings towards healthy and sustainable food choices through the use of nudges. Multiple forms of nudging have already been investigated, such as increasing the availability of healthy and plant-based products at eye-level of supermarket stands. Better placement of healthy and sustainable products and available recipes on or around these products could improve diet quality and dietary patterns. Consumers could also be nudged towards healthy and sustainable food choices by individualized sales in the digital (online) environment. For instance, nudging could be placed in the context of online supermarket environments, such as by displaying recipes, reminders, icons and add-to-cart suggestions during order and check-out.

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SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 13: Climate Action


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The Effects of Nudges: One-Shot Only? Exploring the Temporal Spillover Effects of a Default Nudge
Scientific paper
This study for some, but not all behaviours, default nudges may have the potential to yield temporal spillover effects and warrant a further investigation of boundary conditions and facilitators of the spillover effects of nudges.
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Beyond carrots and sticks: Europeans support health nudges
Scientific paper
The study found a majority approval for a series of nudges, including educational messages in movie theaters, calorie and warning labels, store placement promoting healthier food, sweet-free supermarket cashiers and meat-free days in cafeterias. An implication for policymakers is that citizens are highly likely to support health nudges. An implication for further research is the importance of identifying the reasons for cross-national differences, where they exist.
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