Educational tool for infant feeding

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This solution is an "easy-to-understand" educational toolkit that helps caregivers to provide their infants with the right amount and energy density of the food. In many contexts, infant-feeding practices should be improved. Educational tools such as the innovative Healthy Baby Toolkit is shown to be helpful in improving these practices. The tool consists of a bowl with lines that indicate the right portion size for different age categories (6 – 23 months). Moreover, the toolkit includes a spoon with holes that guides the caregiver on the ideal thickness of (biofortified) complementary and infant food. A card with information is also provided (adapted to the local context). This card provides information on breastfeeding practices, food safety, how to use the toolkit, and which foods to give in a visual manner. By making the toolkits from sustainable material, they can be re-used over time. Through this solution, infants are provided with enough and sufficient nutritious and safe foods. Especially during their first 100 days of life, a sufficient diet is critical for good emotional and physical development.

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