Digital food sharing initiatives

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Sharing economy Food biodiversity Artificial intelligence Digital platform Waste Public-awareness campaign Supply-chain management Accountability mechanism Nutritious food Fats - sugars - salts

Globally, food is wasted at field-level but also in supermarkets, restaurants, office canteens, private homes and even in gardens where unwanted fruit and vegetables go rotten. This solution focuses on initiatives fighting and preventing food waste by leveraging digital platforms such as social media, smartphone apps and websites. Many of these are volunteer-led initiatives and free of charge or associated to limited costs. Food sharing platforms allow individuals and businesses (e.g. retailers, producers, local shops) to connect and share surplus food to other platform users. Many different initiatives have emerged in recent years with different target groups e.g individuals sharing food amongst them or supermarkets sharing surplus food with civic organisations.

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Food quality Food availability Food affordability Climate mitigation Water use Soil health Increasing agrobiodiversity Reducing pollution

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SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


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Potential of food sharing initiatives
News article, popular press or blog post
Article on the potentials and limitations of current digital food sharing initiatives, citing many existing organizations as case studies.
Shared by IFSS Research Team
Share City
Database of various organizations within over 100 cities worldwide involved in food sharing initiatives, including raw products, meals, and equipment.
Shared by IFSS Research Team
Key factors for food-sharing platforms
Scientific paper
Paper on important factors for consumer behavior in regards to digital food-sharing platforms using data from OLIO users.
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