Urban youth engagement platform

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Urban youth are a fast-growing population group which strive to have a healthy future. This demographic has the ability to use platforms, tools and knowledge in ways previously inaccessible or unimagined by their parents’ generation. This innovation proposes to develop a platform designed BY urban youth FOR urban youth. This platform should be fully supported by both the government and the private sector, and will allow the development of common long-term solutions that engages and incentivises multiple actors - stimulating the private sector to develop healthy and sustainable products, encouraging youth to purchase and use these products, sparking the government to invest in, and take actions to, introduce programs in schools. The goal is to build up a change in knowledge, perceptions and behaviours that are transformative - lasting a lifetime and becoming the new intergenerational normal for engaging in food production and consumption in a more sustainable way.

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Food affordability Food desirability Climate mitigation Water use Soil health Reducing biodiversity loss Increasing agrobiodiversity

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SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being SDG 10: Reduced Inequality



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Teen Food Literacy Curriculum
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