Open source decision support tools for agricultural data

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Open source decision support tools for agricultural data will allow farmers to make data driven decisions when managing their land and on-farm resources and has the potential to increase crop yield, improve production systems to ensure optimal input application, and ensure a stable and healthy food supply. While unprecedented amounts of agronomic data are now being collected by large agtech companies, getting this informative data into the hands of farmers, through the collaboration of companies, has proven to be difficult. Open source decision support tools for agricultural data will help farmers understand the spread of pests, to monitor changes in climatic conditions, or to develop new, improved farming practices. This can in turn help farmers mitigate the effects of climate change, improve their soil health, increase water use efficiency and agrobiodiversity, reduce the environmental impacts of their production operations, and improve food security, availability, and affordability. With open source decision support tools for agricultural data farmers will have access to accurate data to inform their management decisions as well as additional guidance. They will also be able to exchange with other producers and work on solutions together. This collaborative approach allows for continual and constant improvement of practices in the agronomic space while ideally reducing barriers of cost for smaller producers around the world.

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GeoFIS: An Open Source, Decision-Support Tool for Precision Agriculture Data
Scientific paper
Paper that evaluates the abiliites of an open-source software called GeoFIS, designed to cover the whole process from spatial data to spatial information and decision support. Assesses the ability of GeoFIS to address the main features required by farmers, advisors, or spatial analysts when dealing with precision agriculture data, including three case studies.
Decision support tools for agriculture: Towards effective design and delivery
Scientific paper
This article provides an explanation for the lack of software baed decision support tools by farmers and outlines how to improve uptake of decision support tools by farmers.


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