Reusable crates and backhauling

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Description of the innovative solution

Packaging Circular economy

Reusable crates for food distribution eliminates massive amounts of waste. Currently, food and other items are shipped in packaging that is expected to be thrown away/recycled after it has reached its final destination. Using reusable crates that flow back and forth between supplier and distributor will cut down majorly on storage waste by products. Backhauling, the process of sending equipment back to its source after it has reached its desired location, creates a closed loop system for storage. This way the crates and bins used can be more durable and have a longer lifespan. By implementing reusable crates through the system of backhauling an incredible amount of unnecessary waste can be averted.

Supply chain segment

Handling, storage and transport/distribution

Maturity level

Moving to scale


Reducing pollution

SDG target

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


Urban Peri-urban Rural Marine/Coastal

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