Traceability Technologies: Livestock

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Animal feed Sensors Traceability Monitoring/Surveillance Food safety Animal husbandry Animal-sourced food Packaging Information/communication

Traceability technologies include a smart ear tag with geo-location for greater traceability and provenance of livestock. This technology collects data from production, processing, and distribution processes which translates into food origins, growing conditions, involved parties, and many other inputs that are often used to determine and ensure food quality and safety, especially for international trade purposes. This technology is often used to manage animal health, control disease outbreaks, and manage fraud that may occur throughout the distribution process.

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Handling, storage and transport/distribution

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Food quality Food safety

SDG target

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production



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From farm to fork: How blockchain is enabling transparency and traceability
News article, popular press or blog post
This article explores how blockchain technology can be used to scale traceability technology in many countries.


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