Cold pasteurization

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Processing of perishable foods to reduce food waste and maintain food quality is a major challenge. Through an effective process of eliminating bacteria, cold pasteurization is an innovation that proposes to both extend shelf life and ensure nutritional quality of perishable food. Cold pasteurization technologies like high pressure processing (HPP), pulsed electrical fields (PEF), plasma membraine processing, mild heat treatments (UV light) and irradiation could be used for preservation of food products. These technologies aim for a lower heat load, in comparison with standard sterilisation processes, and inactivate micro-organisms without compromising the product quality. Cold pasteurization techniques would allow higher quality food to be preserved longer than conventional methods, reaching people in far-reaching remote areas with limited cold infrastructure.

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High-pressure processing gaining popularity in beverages
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High-pressure processing is being used to preserve cold-pressed juice for up to 30 days and it remains to be a more popular alternative to the traditional thermal-based pasteurization method


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