Farm-to-Fork digital knowledge hub

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Description of the innovative solution

Digital platform Education - adult Information/communication Mobile phones Online services Public-awareness campaign Behavior change Diet diversity Healthy diet Food safety Capacity building Double-duty action

Most people want but do not know how to get access to healthy diets and protect the environment. However, much knowledge is already available and can quickly become implemented if people along the value chain get common knowledge to do so. Information technology tools (cell phones) are already available, which is why building knowledge platforms around these quickly can be implemented. This innovation leverages information technology as an opportunity to share knowledge regarding 'healthy eating', (local) food availability, food safety (e.g. water handling), weather forecasts to react both optimally in relation to agricultural production and fishing, develop communities, seed entrepreneurial skills all the way from school to the general population. The innovation will make the supply chain more visible and it will be possible to know where and how to obtain the 'parts' needed for a healthy and sustainable diet.

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Educational, outreach and empowerment aspects

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Food safety Climate mitigation

SDG target

SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being SDG 4: Quality Education SDG 10: Reduced Inequality


Urban Peri-urban Rural Marine/Coastal

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Knowledge Hub: Case Study
Impact asssessment or evaluation
An evaluation of the reach and policy impacts of a digital knowledge hub called Knowledge Hub, this paper sheds insight on how globally accessible information can spark cross-continental collaboration and policy changes.


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