Big data for disease and pest early warning

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The Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture was established in the early 1970s to monitor food security in all countries. The integration of big data into this system could enhance its predictive ability. Analysed data from satellites, hyperspectral imaging, sensors, and cloud computing could provide real-time understanding of disease and pests, allowing rapid corrective action. An example is the use of digital sensors to detect the presence of fruit fly. Using digital sensors to detect fruit fly compared with manual checking of fruit fly traps can greatly enhance the speed in which the presence of fruit fly is known. This can result in more effective control of the pest. Another example is hyperspectral imaging has been recently been used to detect pathogens in meat, which can increase food safety. However, the accuracy of this technique is still insufficient and requires further research before it can be effectively used. While there is great potential for big data to enhance early warning systems for disease and pests, there are a number of associated issues and barriers to adoption that need to be overcome before its full potential can be realised.

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