Urban-Rural linkages and food logistics

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As states become more industrialized, the separation gap between urban and rural food linkages will continue to widen. The process of transporting food from rural, agricultural landscapes to the plate of a fancy restaurant in a city, is a long, winding path. Shortening the supply chain from rural to urban settings would lead to less food waste, more mouths fed and less energy required for transportation. In addition to making improvements in supply chain logistics, alternative food networks that bring producers and consumers closer to one another are a part of the solution as well. Concepts like community supported agriculture (CSA), farmer's markets, and roadside stands focus on shortening the distance in between farmer and consumer. CSAs combat supply chain logistical hardship by encouraging the consumers to pick up their produce from the farm itself or from a local farmers market or may even get the CSA box delivered. By erasing the middle man in between farmer and consumer, there is greater emphasis on quality of food, growth practices and an overall more conscientiousness outlook on where food comes from.

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