Drone high-load delivery

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The use of drones for commercial purposes is rapidly increasing, in many sectors. Drone technology is also improving, allowing for safer machines that can carry increasingly larger loads. Distribution of food in low and middle-income countries is often challenging, given unreliable roads, labour, weather and infrastructures, resulting in high amounts of food waste and unequal distribution of foods across regions and rural/urban areas - particularly for perishable and nutrient-dense food groups. This innovation proposes to utilize drone technology to introduce micro, rapid and reliable deliveries, connecting farmers directly with markets, and increasing access to healthy foods and potentially lowering costs through less waste. This does not require waiting for government investment in basic infrastructure such as road transport networks, traditional storage and warehousing, which can take decades and is incredibly expensive. This innovation will also prevent the resulting traffic (time, air pollution, GHG emissions) issues from expanding road networks.

Supply chain segment

Handling, storage and transport/distribution

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Moving to scale


Climate adaptation Reducing pollution

SDG target

SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being SDG 10: Reduced Inequality SDG 13: Climate Action


Peri-urban Rural

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