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Growing food in densely populated areas is a challenge. Compact, space-saving techniques are needed to produce food in limited-space environments. This innovation presents aeroponics as a method to grow plants in limited-space environments, mostly indoors. Aeroponics suspends plants in a closed or semi-closed setting and sprays nutrient-rich water on the exposed roots of the plants, which contrasts from the steady water supply of hydroponics or the soil used in conventional plant growth. The most extensive application of aeroponics to date has been in the production of tomatoes, kale, and other fruit and vegetable crops that don’t require a large landmass to grow (ie. grains). Aeroponics in general has a high potential to increase the affordability and availability fresh produce and vegetable products, significantly shortening the supply chain and in turn improving urban community access to these foods.

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Agricultural inputs and primary production practices

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SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


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