Seawater Greenhouses

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Indoor farming Preservation Solar energy Water availability Agricultural development Diet diversity Food biodiversity Animal husbandry Animal-sourced food

Agricultural output is threatened by increased water shortages and soil salinity. This innovation proposes to establish seawater greenhouses that could provide nutritious food in coastal regions. Seawater greenhouses could make use of a seawater ydroponic system that combines desalination and solar energy. Desalination could lso provide fresh water that could be used in soil agricultural system.The waste water could be included in the cooling system of the greenhouse. This technology could eventually lower the costs to maintain high quality crops. In addition, this system can be used year round, even when there are droughts.

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Agricultural inputs and primary production practices

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Gaining traction


Water use Increasing agrobiodiversity

SDG target

SDG 2: Zero Hunger SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG 15: Life on Land



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Potential of Seawater Greenhouses
Scientific paper
Scientific article examining the feasibility of seawater greenhouses in the Middle East through mathematical analysis.
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